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General Questions

What do you offer?
LibreDigital is proud to offer a Web-based service that ensures your eBooks are available on Apple’s iBookstore for Apple iPad customers in the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Australia and UK. With LibreDigital, you will benefit from:
  • Secure storage and encoding for all content
  • Consolidated monthly royalty and sales reports
Why do I want my titles available on the iBookstore?
eBooks sold in the iBookstore can be downloaded to the new Apple iPad. Some analysts estimate that as many as 13 million iPads will be sold this year. LibreDigital can make your eBooks available to this vast and quickly-growing market.
Can I just send my titles to Apple directly?
Apple has selected a group of Apple Approved eBook Aggregators precisely because of the complexities in preparing high-quality EPUBs that meet their specifications. That’s why some of the largest book publishers in the world have placed their trust in LibreDigital to manage this process on their behalf.
Who is LibreDigital?
LibreDigital is a digital publishing software and services company that works with the world’s leading book publishers—including HarperCollins Publishers, Hachette Book Group USA, Simon & Schuster and others—to optimize, distribute and market their eBooks.
Why should I work with LibreDigital to get my eBooks to iBookstore?
For the last ten years, LibreDigital has managed eBook distribution for the largest book publishers in the world, including the delivery to Apple of thousands of titles that are already available in iBookstore. In addition, LibreDigital offers:
  • Quick, efficient, and error-free conversion of your content into digital distribution formats with LibreDigital's content transformation services.
  • Secure storage, access and distribution of your digital assets and metadata in our content warehouse.
  • Easy-to-understand, transparent pricing model, with no up-front charges. You don’t pay us until your content starts to sell.
Can any publishing company partner with LibreDigital to get eBooks to the iBookstore?
Yes, any book publishing company is eligible.
I’m an author. Can I partner with LibreDigital to get eBooks to the iBookstore?
No, unless you are a self-published author with a publishing company and your titles have ISBNs.
Will my eBooks be available worldwide?
LibreDigital makes your titles available in every geography where the iBookstore is available and the publisher has digital rights. The iBooksore is available today in the United States, Canada, the UK, Australia, Germany, and France.
How do I get started?
First, please take a few minutes to read through this entire FAQ to familiarize yourself with LibreDigital and our services. Then, please complete the short registration form. A LibreDigital representative will contact you soon to discuss next steps.

Publisher Compensation

Who sets the price of my eBooks?
You (the publisher) set the retail price of each eBook within pricing guidelines defined by Apple. These guidelines bound minimum and maximum prices based on a variety of factors. LibreDigital has no control over these pricing policies.
How much will I get paid?
You (the publisher) will receive a 55% revenue share.
When will I get paid?
Apple will remit payment to LibreDigital within 45 days following the close of the month in which a sale on iBookstore was made. LibreDigital will remit payment to publishers within 30 days thereafter.
How will payments be made?
LibreDigital will remit payments to publishers using electronic funds transfer.
In what currency will payments be made?
All payments to publishers will be made in U.S. dollars.
Is there a minimum threshold for payment?
Yes. LibreDigital will remit payments to publishers when their total accumulated earnings reach $500.
Will I have to pay sales tax?
No. Apple will charge the end customer sales tax on purchases made through iBookstore and remit to the appropriate sales tax collection authorities.
Who do I sign a contract with, Apple or LibreDigital?
You would sign a contract with LibreDigital, which in turn has an agreement in place with Apple.

eBook File Submission

What kinds of eBooks can I sell in the iBookstore?
Apple has strict requirements about the file types that can be sold through iBookstore. Apple will soon publish formal specifications about this. At a minimum, eBooks must be in EPUB format and have passed EpubCheck v1.0.5 for validation. If only PDF files are available for your titles, LibreDigital can convert these to the EPUB format as a paid service, or can refer you to a qualified conversion partner. A LibreDigital representative will provide more information about file conversion options.
What else does LibreDigital require for a file submission?
LibreDigital requires certain metadata elements to be provided by the publisher, including bibliographic, sales and rights information. A LibreDigital representative will provide more information on the required elements as well as format.
What if my books aren’t in electronic format, or don’t meet Apple’s requirements?
In most cases, LibreDigital can convert your content into an Apple-ready EPUB format. Pricing for conversion varies by multiple factors, including the current format of the book, book length, and the complexity of the content. Upon filling out the sign up form, a LibreDigital representative will contact you to discuss your content requirements.
How do I submit eBook files?
You may send your eBook files and manifests to LibreDigital via a secure FTP site. A LibreDigital representative will discuss this process with you.
Who retains the copyright and ownership of intellectual property on eBooks submitted?
The publisher retains ownership of all intellectual property.

Support and Reporting

Who provides customer support to consumers using iBookstore?
Apple will support users of iBookstore.
What sales reports will LibreDigital share with me?
LibreDigital will share with you any and all sales data provided by Apple. Apple retains sales records for at least three years following the applicable monthly sales period.

Next Steps

I still have questions. What should I do?
Fill out the sign up form. A LibreDigital representive will contact you soon to address your questions.
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